NICOLAS O. KROGH – CEO and member of the Board

Nicolas O. Krogh co-founded MipSalus and serves as Chief Executive Officer. Nicolas brings profound insight into business development, entrepreneurship, project management and Intellectual Property Rights. Prior to co-founding MipSalus, Nicolas worked as an independent consultant focusing on patents and business development while specializing in pharmaceutical applications. His professional background also includes positions as Business Development Manager at the biotech company Pharmexa, Documentation Manager at the patent agency Plougman & Vingtoft, Research Administrator and Internal Controller at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen as well as Scientific Secretary in Rector’s Office at the University of Copenhagen.

Nicolas was born in 1964 and holds a MSc in Biochemistry from the University of Copenhagen.

KLAUS GREGORIUS – CSO and member of the Board

Klaus Gregorius co-founded MipSalus and serves as Chief Scientific Officer. Klaus’ most prominent contributions to MipSalus are his strong innovation and scientific skills. Prior to co-founding MipSalus, Klaus worked for Danish biotech company PreciSense. Holding the position as Manager of Biochemistry Development, he spearheaded  a research department focusing on receptor-ligand interactions, thus supporting the company’s development of biosensors for blood glucose monitoring for diabetics. From 1994 to 2003, Klaus held the position as Research Scientist and Project Manager at the biotech company Pharmexa developing processes and analyses for therapeutic vaccine candidates (cancer and inflammatory diseases). Klaus has published 10 peer reviewed articles and is the named inventor of 17 patent applications. His professional background also includes a position as visiting Research Fellow at Linnaeus University, Kalmar.

Klaus was born in 1961 and holds a MSc in Biochemistry from the University of Copenhagen and a PhD in Chemistry from the Royal Danish Veterinary and Agricultural University (today, the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen).


Amanda Andresen is the Chief Operating Officer at MipSalus. Upon graduating in 2018, Amanda joined MipSalus as a research scientist, and due to her grit, determination, and scientific competences she soon proved invaluable to our work. As a consequence, Amanda was named Project Manager in 2020, and in 2023 she was promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

Amanda was born in 1993 and holds a MSc in Pharmacy from the University of Copenhagen.

JENS PETER TOFT – Chairman of the Board

Jens Peter Toft is a professional board member. For 25 years he worked for one of Scandinavia’s leading financial institutions, Danske Bank, where he advanced to the position of Executive Vice President and Global Head of Corporate Finance. In this capacity, Jens Peter was deeply involved in structuring and executing a large number of Initial Public Offerings, M&A, privatizations, rights issues, restructurings and other transactions on behalf of clients from a variety of industries, including biotech and pharma.

Jens Peter was born in 1954 and holds a business degree from Aalborg University Centre.