Social impact

MipSalus takes pride in being company that thrives because our employees are thriving. We continuously aim to foster an informal and professional environment where people feel they belong and perform their best. At the moment, our small team of dedicated and talented employees make a much valued contribution to our work and thus help us realize our goal of developing a treatment that will allow people with rare inborn errors of amino acid metabolism to eat normally.

Gender Equality

MipSalus regards diversity as a strength in itself, and over time the gender balance of our team has varied: sometimes there has been a preponderance of women, sometimes of men. To ensure the diversity of our team, we have set specific goals for gender equality. By 2026, the gender homogeneity should be no more than 66% across the management and employee group. With regards to the board of directors, the aim is to have maximum 75% gender homogeneity by 2026. When recruiting, however, MipSalus does first and foremost prioritize professional and personal skills in relation to the position to be filled.

Diversity and Inclusion

We want Mipsalus to be a place for employees of different age, gender, and nationalities. Our small team of Danes and foreigners comprises students, fresh graduates, and people with many years of experience. We seek to recruit and retain diverse talents and throughout the years, more than ten different nationalities have been employed at MipSalus. Furthermore, MipSalus has worked together with job centers and local authorities responsible for wage subsidy jobs (in Danish, løntilskudsjob), company internships (in Danish, virksomhedspraktik), and the inclusion of immigrations in the labor market.

Workplace Safety

The safety of our employees is a top priority to us. All new employees are given a thorough introduction to our safety protocols and security procedures. To mitigate risk and prevent injuries, we continuously evaluate our safety procedures, and we ensure that all employees are informed of potential hazards and necessary precautions following changes in the production process or introduction of new equipment. For years, we have not had any work accidents, and we are dedicated to avoiding accidents in the future.

Environmental impact

While working to increase the quality of life for those with PKU, we simultaneously strive to decrease our impact on the globe.


While working to increase the quality of life for those with PKU, we simultaneously strive to decrease our impact on the globe